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Welcome to Jenny Knott Cufflinks and Silverware.

We are a small and personalised, specialist company selling antique and vintage cufflinks, silverware, antique and vintage jewellery and Gentlemen’s accessories.

In this niche market we are proud to have been successfully supplying antique and vintage cufflinks and silverware all over the world - specifically in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe.  In the past 23 years we have sold over 100,000 pairs of cufflinks, each peice having been individually sourced by Jenny Knott herself.  The range of beautiful and individual silver peices has exceeded over 40,000, each one also having been carefully scrutinised by Jenny's expert eye.

In an ever-increasing hi-tech and uniform world we aim to offer a stylish and elegant antidote with our unique range of individual items.

When you want to find that perfect gift that is personal and special for that important occasion then we are able to source this for you. 
We continue to work with established retailers offering exceptional, unique products and we are proud to be associated with these companies.  You can find Jenny Knott products at John Lewis stores and at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire.  Further afield Jenny Knott products can be found in Bloomingdales in America.